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About The Coach/Tutor

Ms. Jen earned her B.S. and M.A. in education. For nearly 20 years, she helped  children successfully navigate through school. After retiring from special education with a distinguished status, she continues her journey in the  field as a subcontractor and private tutor in both on-line and brick and mortar schools. Ms. Jen is a certified trauma specialist and member of CHADD.

Lessons are developed to Focus on the Student

  • Standardized test preparation (without "teaching to the test")
  •  Progress reporting
  • Paperwork review, upon request
  • Individualized student assessments
  • Organizational and time management strategies
  • Reteaching and teaching of school assignments
  • Assignments to align with the Core Curriculum

Cooperative Groups


Academic Coaching Rates

  • All pricing includes $10 transportation fee.
  • Pricing is subject to change.